the things they say

“Hey buddy, why aren’t you in line yet?”

“Because I had banana feet Ms. Welton!” he is on the floor switching his shoes.


“How do you spell toilet?” -kindergarten girl, I look at her paper and she had written “toyit”.


Learning about past, present, and future. Finish the sentence, “When I was a baby I could…”

first response:

“Drink my mommy’s milk!”


“I want to learn to be creative.” Kindergarten girl

“You are being creative right now!” 1st grader

“Yes, because God created the world, and He created us. Ms. Welton, did God create Adam out of mud?” A different 1st grader


“Do you like my new shoes?” one boy to his friend.

“I do, I really do like your new shoes.”

“Then you should color your shoes so that they are the same color as mine!”


Today a boy gently pushed another boy, he fell off (a very short chair) and landed softly on the ground. He BURST into big crocodile tears. I asked him if it hurt. “No.”

“Then why did you start crying?”

“Because it almost hurt really bad.”

Ohhhh, it almost hurt.


First graders writing “How-to” Books. Example I used, “How to make  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.” We brainstorm ideas of what to write. How to do a cart-wheel, how to make a fruit salad, how to pray…

“How to make love?”

Ms. Welton giggles like a schoolgirl. “How to love somebody? That is so sweet.” I recover quickly. No way was I asking her the steps for that one.


Things I say: “don’t eat that sign”, “stop chewing that book”, “don’t eat your pencil”, “stop eating your boogers”…


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