left behind

I have been known to lose my phone. I have left it on the subway (three times) the legit train/train (once) and then in a taxi in Thailand (never to be seen again— believe it or not, all the other times I got my phone back).

But one thing I have never, ever, ever, ever done is leave behind my camera. For one thing, it is a leeeetle bigger than a phone, it is a beast— so it is easier to notice its absence. For another, I am always taking pictures. Always.

Yesterday we had an amazing event at church to show honor and celebrate two holidays (Valentine’s Day and White Day). The brothers honored the sisters of the house, and the sisters honored the brothers. For the past two years we had two separate events, but this year we decided to combine them (with the wisdom of our campus pastor) because there are just so many more women in the church than men. It was so much fun.

I got home, exhausted and fighting a headache but happy the night went smoothly… when my phone rings. WHAT? I LEFT MY CAMERA AT CHURCH?!

I have to wait until TUESDAY NIGHT to get it back. Two full days without my camera? How will I live? What will I do?

Time to get creative.

Looks like I will be searching for some more camera apps on my iPhone, anyone have a good one to recommend?!

The gift we received last night from the brothers were these two magnets  of our head pastor and our campus pastor that are now on my fridge, the ladies loved them!



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