Relentless Joy: Behind the Scenes

I thought long and hard about my outfit for that day, knowing my face would end up on the computer screen of every fan of the newest online publication sensation, re.write magazine. I wanted it (my outfit, that is) to match me, and my story. I chose bright colors, happy colors, and HEARTS. Who doesn’t love hearts?

The day I met up with Elysabeth for my interview it was unusually warm, and very sunny. An absolutely perfect day for taking fun, bright pictures. So we did just that. Being one who is never without my camera I had to take a few pictures of my own.


DSC_0585 DSC_0587DSC_0595

After both of us got our much-needed pictures, the actual interview began. A couple of months ago, when I first mentioned the idea of sharing my story with Liz for her magazine, I immediately regretted it. The old lies and doubts of my testimony being nothing special began to plague me and I thought, “Crap, I have nothing to say!” Then I re-traced the steps of my life, and the power of remembering took over. I re-played over and over again in my head what I wanted to share with Liz, and then when it came to the actual interview, the carefully rehearsed beginning I had planned was thrown off when she asked one simple question… so simple, I don’t even remember what it was (something about my salvation). All rehearsed lines went out the window.

Two hours and a thousand bunny trails later, and Liz had my life story. It was such a mumbo jumbo, throw-up of words… I was so excited to share I just tried sharing everything all at the same time. When I was finished I thought, “Oh my word I am the worst life-story teller ever, how is Liz going to decipher and coherently piece together the heart of what I was trying to say?” She asked me how I felt and I smiled and said, “Good!” And that was true, I felt good for me, but sorry for her.

Little did I know, that this amazing, God-fearing woman, has a talent for asking the right questions and listening to the words I said, and the ones I didn’t. From the first paragraph of this article, you read ME. I am so blessed, and proud, and excited to share my testimony of God’s keeping power.

If you haven’t had the chance to read it, click on this picture and you will understand what I am talking about.


“re.write magazine is a bi-monthly online publication dedicated to storytelling. But not your average storytelling. These stories are of ordinary people, whose lives have been transformed by a very extraordinary God. Each story is nonfiction, unembellished, and sometimes, extremely raw.

But here’s the spoiler alert: each story ends with hope.”

Thank you again re.write magazine, this has been an amazing experience. And THANK YOU Elysabeth Ratto, for writing my story. I luvs ya girl!


3 thoughts on “Relentless Joy: Behind the Scenes

    • Thanks Jee Young! I can’t even remember the cafe’s name– it was a part of a store… millimeters and milligrams or something? It’s on the road before passion five and blue square!

  1. I’m sorry, but too damn cute, the both of you. LOVE IT!!!! 🙂
    (as you can tell I’m going through a rampage of catching up with your blog and your life!)

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