Scandalous Love

An invitation years in the making. Well… in my book anyway. I have always wanted an invite to the exclusive Emmaus Retreat held every semester (exclusive because it is a college retreat, for college students, and I have come to discover that I am most definitely NOT a college student anymore).

Why? Why, have I been dying to be asked to come and volunteer at this retreat? Because I want to be a part of EVERYTHING, come on— we all know this. ^^

I can’t remember the last time I have had a free weekend, and this past weekend was no exception— I had things to do, and originally had to decline the last-minute invite to be a small group leader at the retreat… within 24 hours of being asked my schedule magically cleared up and I frantically e-mailed praying that they still needed volunteers. I got an immediate response and that was it, I WAS IN!

There is something truly special about college ministry. The group of students that got together to learn about God’s Scandalous Love were not only on-fire for God dedicated Jesus-lovers, but there were also students didn’t even know what salvation really means, students who came/were dragged there because all there friends were going to be there, students who had just decided to walk the path of faith, students who are/were atheists who invited their atheist friends because they thought this group of college students were just plain cool.

My group of girls were so amazing. I was confused after our first small group session, because I felt like I had met all of them before, and I got nervous because that meant I knew them but didn’t remember their names (aaahhh!), I was about to feel bad about it— until I realized that the Holy Spirit connected us together swiftly in a way that made us able to trust each other with intimate details of our lives in less than 12 hours of knowing each other. God is neato like that.


This retreat brought salvation, freedom, encouragement, empowerment, and of course- scandalous love. What a name for a retreat, eh?

This was the promo video the staff made for the retreat… I almost died. You can imagine how confused the students were to what was actually going down before the weekend approached. God has the best sense of humor though, so why shouldn’t Christians? Am I right?



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