Okay God, I am cool with tents.

Wow, it has been way too long since I posted… I was definitely mourning the loss of my dog. And then I was crazy busy figuring out my taxes (which I still haven’t mailed in, thank you USA for a three-month grace period for overseas peeps), prepping for VBS at my school, and discovering that I need a TON of new paperwork for my NEW JOB. I haven’t talked about it on here yet… but YES, I am changing jobs. Again. And moving. Again.

At the beginning of this journey, when I realized God was uprooting me from my current job, I looked at it from with tired eyes. I was tired of moving. Tired of getting all of the paperwork for switching visas. Tired of pitching tents. I have lived in Seoul for four years, and I have moved apartments every. single. year. I have lived in Seoul for four years and I was about to apply for my fourth job. Since graduating from college the longest I have worked at a school is two years. Why? I am not afraid of making commitments (which is obvious to those who know me), and yet circumstances require my continual movement.

Then something happened to my thinking. It changed (imagine that). Suddenly my eyes became big and excited and NOT TIRED.

I realized how thrilling it all was. God trusts me enough to grow and stretch me longer and farther than I ever imagined I myself could grow. He is building me up and preparing me for my future. A future that needs to depend 100% on Him and Him alone. What better way to do that, than to keep me on my toes as to where my next job is? Who is the next paycheck really coming from? Who is my provider?

A friend of mine pointed out that God knows I am really, really good at staying in one place, at being loyal. This is why I didn’t start my career in the USA, I probably would have stayed in whatever school I got a job at and settled down in the midwest. This is why He continues to plant me in new places. He is doing it now to give me tools, and build me up, so that when it IS time to stay in one place… Well, not only will I be good at it, I will be completely ready for it.



4 thoughts on “Okay God, I am cool with tents.

  1. Wooah…what great wisdom from your friend!!! I could totally see that!! Glad to see that you are cool with tents~!:) When I read the title of your post…I was thinking…did she go camping?! hehehe

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