Can DIY be depressing? or inspiring?

I believe there has always been creativity in the world. But since we threw twitter, youtube, and facebook as well as blogs and etsy and pinterest, etc. in the mix… well now all of the creativeness is out there for everyone else to see. It pushes people to be even more creative, or to be really depressed about their slightly less DIY lives (side note, I did not know that DIY stood for “Do It Youself” until this year, it is kind of embarrassing but I am putting it out there anyway). Not only does technology help people spread their creativeness and ideas, it builds competition, and forces people to try to create something that has never been created before, or to make what has already been done— better.

I have come to realize that while I love searching pinterest and blogs for ideas and inspiration, it can also be a crutch. Sometimes I wonder if I just sat down and tried to think of something myself (for example, some new way to teach a lesson to my students, or a favorite way to compose a picture I take) if I would be able to do it. Scratch that, I know I can do it. I just feel like I give up more easily sometimes and just hit the google home screen, praying that my creativeness is inspired by whatever pops up.

Being creative means (holy cow I almost just went to Google to type in what does being creative mean? hahaha, wow— I am in trouble… okay in my own words), yes to me… being creative means using the gifts and talents you have and making something that makes you happy. Being creative is all about using what you have, whether it’s a camera or paintbrush or pasta noodles or words or paper or numbers or metal or fire, and CREATING something. It doesn’t have to be for other people. It doesn’t have to be on your twitter, or blog, or facebook, or whatever. It can just be for someone you love, or for yourself. I know some people say they don’t have a creative bone in their body, but I think they’re wrong. God made us in such an inspiring and creative way, I bet there is something you could do/use to be creative. Okay, I have said that word one too many times in this post, MY BAD.

Last week my school held a VBS (Vacation Bible School) for our elementary students. They had so. much. fun. We had a ton of paper decorations leftover from decorating our chapel to be like a Colossal Coaster World. Instead of throwing the paper decorations away I salvaged them, gave them to my students this morning and told them to make something. Those are called bare minimum instructions in hopes the students are more creative than what I could think of to do with it. They created their own amusements park and made puppets of all the students and told me we were going to have a puppet show later. Would I have thought of that? Nope. I love these creative youngsters.

amusement park

popsicle stick puppets

I am still going to follow my blogger friends, and pin on my pinterest boards, and be inspired by all of the amazingly cool people in this world. But I am not going to compare or judge my creativity based on what other people do. If it makes me happy, that’s good. I like being happy!


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