I like sitting in the dark.

It’s true. I prefer dim lighting, or very near darkness to anything else (unless we are talking about being outside, nothing beats sunshine!). This morning my roommate came out of her bedroom to the kitchen while I was making a breakfast smoothie and switches on the light saying, “Why are you making a smoothie in the dark???” My co-workers will walk by my class to fill up their water bottles and see me sitting in the dark when my students are gone at specials and pop their head in with a puzzled look on their face, “Do you want me to turn the lights on? Why are you sitting in the dark?”

Oh, is that weird? A habit that formed, but I am not sure when. I have a tendency to relate it to growing up suffering from migraines. When you have a headache all light switches are immediately turned off. The relief isn’t much… but I relate dim lighting to comfort.

My migraines, Praise The Lord, are much less frequent… so why do I sit in the dark now? I couldn’t tell you. I just like it.


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