a leap of faith

Sitting in the Hillside Sanctuary of New Philadelphia Church for a bi-weekly Friday Fire (prayer) meeting many months ago listening to a sermon about collaboration and working with other people, and the Holy Spirit nudges me. I shrug it off. He nudges again.  Collaboration. At the end of the meeting the nudging is getting harder to ignore and I finally agree that I have a desire to share my gift and be a part of something that I absolutely love. I turn to Liz, who happens to be sitting next to me and say, “I want to write for re.write.”

Her eyes go big for a moment, then she smiles and says, “Okay!” Gripping my hands — or maybe I grabbed her hands with excitement, who remembers these details?— we both grin at each other for a while. Thinking back I am surprised at how easily Liz (co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of re.write magazine) accepted my proposal, considering she totally forgot that she planted the seeds months before.

The first issue of the magazine was published in December 2012, and Liz continued to receive rave reviews before, probably during, and after our church service on Sunday. Sitting in front of her, I turned to listen to Liz chat with someone about the future of re.write. During her explanation she expresses the desire to get more writers on board to help with the issues, as she says this she turns and looks at me directly, giving me a “you are a writer” look.

I lean away from her and say, “Oh no, I wouldn’t touch that. You have done such an amazing job already I would be way too intimidated.”

She gives me another look, the kind of look that says, “You are stupid.” But of course aloud she says, “What? You are a great writer.”

Still, the thought of writing for re.write terrified the bejeezus out of me.

And then, all of a sudden, it didn’t.

My notes from the prayer meeting:


Once I realized I really WANTED and NEEDED to write for this magazine, I had to get the dynamic-duo-married-couple-co-founders-and-co-editors-in-chief, Mark and Elysabeth Ratto, to take a leap of faith in opening up their still very new magazine, and trust someone else to write an issue.

And they did. They didn’t even hesitate, or blink an unsure eye at me.

Working with these two is a dream come true. We are already collaborating on a completely different writing project (more on that later, it will get finished), but this is… more real. The people who are subjects for this magazine trust you to write their life story and are vulnerable enough to open up and give you all the details, knowing that the writer is in charge of what details get told, and which ones don’t.

My first issue came out last week. Check out my beautiful friend Semy’s story (click below!), who was gracious enough to take a leap of faith in letting me debut my writing in this way with her story.

Thank you Liz and Mark, you know why.

rewrite banner Semy-Lee-0


One thought on “a leap of faith

  1. Melody, I am SO proud of you! Way to collaborate! I’m loving how God is opening doors for you to use all your creative talent for his glory and kingdom! Keep going!

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