When I owned a car…

Heading up Morning Star Drive, arriving at my parent’s home after ten months abroad, peering over the steering wheel, I look for Dustie— waiting for her to come bounding out of the garage. She doesn’t come, and then I remember. The tears come before I can stop them. My youngest brother Jordan is the first to greet me as I come out of the car, I apologize for the tearful greeting, the loss of my dog overshadowing for a moment a joyful reunion with my family. Losing the only dog you’ve ever loved is hard.

Coming back to my home state is a different experience every time. This time around I can’t stop looking at the sky. Stars. Sunsets. Clouds. Michigan is incredibly beautiful.

DSC_7387 DSC_7503


Back in Korea we celebrate birthdays every weekend. Here in Michigan, I go to weddings and baby showers, dance recitals for my niece, and take day trips with my momma.

It’s fun. Now, just waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can get a tan!


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