Road trips with Momma



Last year my sister Amie and I got to take a day trip to Saugatuck with my Mom. We had so much fun that my mom and I decided we needed to make as many day trips as possible while I was home this summer. And since all of my sister’s have grown up working through the summer jobs, and most of them live far away, it ended up being me and my momma for all three day trips. We did the necessary things one does on mini-road trips, which included shopping, eating, and then more shopping.

Our first trip took us to Rockford, a little more than 45 minutes away from my parents home in the village. We had the most delicious lunch at Reds on the River and I was able to find a dress I wore to a friend’s wedding.

DSC_7543 DSC_7552 DSC_7569 DSC_7557   DSC_7572 DSC_7580   DSC_7588 DSC_7593 DSC_7599 DSC_7601

Our second day trip was to Grand Haven (a good hour + away from the village of Mville). The weather wasn’t the greatest, but it was just fine for what we wanted to accomplish—which, uh, included eating and shopping!— we also took a long walk from the shopping street down to the pier. The lighthouse was under construction due to some project for restoring lighthouses, which I thought was pretty cool.

DSC_7940   DSC_7941DSC_7978   DSC_7960DSC_7963

Our third and final day trip landed us in Holland, 50 minutes away from the home land. I was looking for a Michigan t-shirt (a very specific one, which always makes it harder!) to bring back to Korea with me, and unfortunately I lucked out. But we still got to… eat and shop! We even made friends at the restaurant we ate lunch at, who offered to take our picture. About 30 minutes after lunch, when we were walking out of a store (where me and my mom both bought a piece of jewelry) a car honked as it turn the corner and it was none other than our newly made friends from the restaurant waving goodbye. I love Michigan. People are so friendly.

DSC_9735DSC_9750DSC_9745DSC_9751 DSC_9732


I love and cherish the time I have with my mom. These day trips were a great way for us to catch up and make memories for when we are far, far apart.

Love you momma! Can’t wait for our adventures next summer.


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