Izzie and the Beast at the Fair

“Are you sure you want to take them by yourself?” My dad looks skeptically over his glasses as my niece and nephew are running around the car exclaiming, “The fair, the fair! We are going to the fair!”

“Yes,” I say with full confidence— and then give a scared deer-caught-in-the-headlight look. Can I handle this? CAN I? “We told them they were going to go to the fair, someone needs to take them.”

What my older sister and I didn’t realize at the time of this promise, was that it would be the hottest week of summer… and the fair was the last place on earth we wanted to be. Also, we were going in the morning (the only time I could take them— as I had a Cambodian wedding to get to later) when the rides wouldn’t be open and animals and crafts (and BIG BIG tractors) would be the only things to see.

My sister, Amie, the mother of Izzie and the Beast, is allergic to everything. Going to the fair just to look at animals? It only made sense that I, the one home for the summer with nothing to do and not allergic to everything, should get the quality time of taking my niece and nephew to the fair. Never mind the horror stories of the Beast in public and why he is called the Beast in the first place.

I am a cool Aunt. I can do it.

And I did.

Not having to worry about going on rides and playing games turned out to be a huge blessing (I am pretty sure the Beast is afraid of heights), we got to see SO MANY different kinds of animals and had the most incredible time. We ate fries and snow cones and drank SODA and had cotton candy (did I mention I was leaving for the rest of the day? haha). They got to pet cows, a pig, a goat, a horse, a chicken, a rooster, a duck, and were sad when they couldn’t pet the bunnies (kids, always want more!).

I had not been to the fair in eight years. What a special memory to tuck in my pocket and pull out to smile about as I am separated from my family yet again.


DSC_9981 DSC_9991 DSC_9936





Can’t wait to see these munchkins at Christmas!


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