a few things.

There are still two or three major things I want to blog from my summer home… all of them being photo sessions I got to have with some pretty fabulous people.

My sis asked me to do her maternity shoot, which was a HONOR and a JOY. My best friends Stef and Joe were keen for some Dyer Family Photos, which was even more fun considering I took pictures of Ezra IN Stef’s belly last summer… and then my little but much bigger brother (who isn’t really my real brother) Scottie and his fiance Steph got engaged in the spring, so I mean— I HAD to take their pictures.

These things will get blogged, they will. More for me than for anyone else.

I just haven’t been myself lately. My blogs have been on the back burner (I am so sorry two apples a day, I miss you too!), as well as a lot of communication with family and friends back home.

You see, I am waiting to share the testimony that will come out of this TEST. But that still hasn’t happened yet. So I have been silent.

Discovering your faith is not as strong as you thought it was is challenging. Relying one hundred percent on God to work everything out, to be your ONLY provider, is hard.

I have been working since I could baby-sit at 12 years old (possibly younger), and I got my first real job taking orders at a drive-thru only burger joint before I could even drive myself to work, at 15. I have been providing for myself, and relying on myself for a very long time.

It’s been a season of letting go, and letting God. I thought I already learned how to do that.

I was wrong.


One thought on “a few things.

  1. Melody, if there is one thing I know it is that God is faithful, 100%! He WILL come through for you! Hold your head high, daughter of the King, for He will prove Himself faithful once again!

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