Scott + Steph = a beautiful engagement session

This post is so long over due it’s almost comical (hahaha???). This summer instead of going to a bazillion weddings (I only had three!), I did a bunch of photo shoots instead. Scott and Steph are two people who I absolutely adore. I have known Scott (who is the younger brother of my best friend Stef) since he was 14-years-old, and even then he was more than a foot taller than me, as a sophomore in college… But I digress.

I love Scottie as the blonde brother I always wanted, and I could not be happier for him and Steph and their upcoming marriage (even though I can’t be there). Thank you for trusting me to capture your love in these pictures (and a leeeetle bit of your goofiness).  These are just several of my favorites! They had so many great photos, these two incredibly photogenic people. It’s almost disgusting… almost.

DSC_8135    DSC_8151   DSC_8161 DSC_8213  DSC_8096     DSC_8337 DSC_8373 DSC_8516 DSC_8636 DSC_8736 DSC_8750 DSC_8850

Enjoy yourselves as you plan your wedding, and never stop laughing with (and at) each other. I can’t wait to take pictures of your beautiful blonde babies!


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