The Dyer Family

I did double duty during Scottie and Steph’s engagement session, for I was ALSO able to take Dyer Family Photos. Taking pictures of Stef when Ezra was still in her belly, and then taking them again, one year later, was SUCH A JOY. It’s crazy to think that during the time I was gone, Ezra was born and grew to a boy who was almost walking!

These are two of my very best friends with their miracle little baby boy. My friends are ridiculously photogenic, they passed it on to Ezra as well.


Above Ezra is getting his nap in before his photo shoot, he is a smart boy!

DSC_8227        DSC_8440DSC_8311 DSC_8248   DSC_8419DSC_8426

DSC_8556 DSC_8562

DSC_8673 DSC_8828

The Westhouse/Dyer Family. A picture for the parents.


Me with two of the best people I know.


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