Every Single Day

The above song makes me very happy. It is Every Single Day’s most recent music video (I believe…err… I think, okay, I don’t know). This week I had the chance to hear Every Single Day live for the first time. I went with my friend Hallie over at the Soul of Seoul (she now has ebooks available on amazon, no big deal, check it out—but really, click on the link). Her husband, Jae-oo, is the band’s guitarist so naturally I was interested to hear him play.

The band played for a comic book release party of a pretty legit comic book author, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you his name. Every Single Day’s set was fun and energetic, and even though it was a sit down concert (due to the type of event) they got the crowd head-bobbin’, clapping, and singing along with the songs. I only knew one song, but as soon as they started playing Lucky Day I really perked up.

If any Koreans in the crowd were wondering, yes I was that loud foreigner hooting and hollering in the back (on the left).

Before the concert we went to a cute coffee shop and then a delicious burger joint for dinner, and after the concert we headed to a basement restaurant in Hongdae — that I would have never known existed– for drinks and many large heads of fish (don’t believe me? I have pictures). I partook in neither but managed to spill Jae-oo’s beer all over his lap. I don’t get embarrassed easily… but LET ME TELL YOU. I was embarrassed. Jae-oo was so chill, he didn’t even mind. I should have snapped a picture of that. I told him if I have to choose someone to spill beer on, it will be him, every time.

DSC_6851 DSC_6854 DSC_6859 DSC_6862 DSC_6864 DSC_6867 DSC_6871 DSC_6873 DSC_6881 DSC_6884

A fun night to have in the middle of my first five-day work week in a month. And tomorrow is parent-teacher conferences. Oh, joy!


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