When I think of warmth and love and feeling cherished, I think of my Dad. When I think of consistency, I think of my dad. When I think of a man who is willing to sacrifice working in a factory for 30 years to provide for his wife and nine children when he would rather be using his talents to build and fix and create things… I think of my dad.

My heart hurts in the best possible way right now. I took my dad for granted growing up. I thought all fathers were as amazing as he is (and oh, how I wish they all were). But I have learned something in my 28 years. My dad is a rarity. My mom has to remind me that he wasn’t always the way he is now, he has learned over his 37 years of marriage how to be more and more awesome… and I know he is not perfect, but I also know that in my whole life, my dad has never… not once… made me feel unloved or unwanted.

He is, without a doubt, the best man I know.

I love you dad.

Happy Birthday.



3 thoughts on “Tim

  1. Best post!! He is a fantastic father!! He is why you only expect the best from your Heavenly Father!!

    Mucho Love!!! Mama K

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