Anyone who has followed my blog over the years knows that I think very highly of my parents. And if not, here are a few posts I have written to prove it:

meeting a younger mom and dad

36 Years

37 Years

Read these, and you will meet a daughter who understands how fortunate she is to have the parents that she has.  Continue to read this post though, and you will see that, that same girl is only beginning to understand the tip of the iceberg that is her parents love for her.

Today marks the 38th anniversary of my parent’s wedding day. The day when big hair (my dad more so than my mom!) and crushed velvet suits were in style. The day when two high school sweet hearts said “I do”, having no idea that when they said that… they were saying “I do” to nine children, a bazillion loads of laundry (and even more dirty diapers), six females on their periods at once, four boys with enough injuries between them to keep any hospital in business for a long time, decades of hard work, three children-in-law (almost four!), three grandchildren (so far!), and a love that grows stronger with every year that passes. And you know, a lot lot more.

I grew up with a father who was the husband that has never yelled at or fought with his wife in front of their children. With parents who might sometimes disagree, but support each other no matter what. I grew up in a home where I knew, I KNEW, that no matter what I did, I was loved. I crashed cars, got speeding tickets, didn’t clean my room and never made my bed (worse than the first two in my moms eyes), talked-back, threw temper tantrums, punched my brothers and sisters, and yet— no matter what I did, I was safe. Safe in knowing that my parents would never stop loving me.

Watching my parents live life together inspires me to live life better. They are not perfect, no one is. But they offer me unconditional love and support (which is saying something since I have chosen to live halfway across the world) that only grows over time.

Happy 38th Anniversary Mom and Dad.

Now come visit me in Korea!

photo (2) 1985 (that’s me!)

***I just skyped with my parents to say “Happy Anniversary!” And my mom told me this picture was taken right before they went to their ten-year high school reunion. I am the only one out of the four kids they had (thus far) in the picture because the rest of my siblings were running around and as my mom just said, “I was the cutest one.” Hehe, she’s not joking, Right?***


4 thoughts on “38

  1. We’re coming Spring 2014 dear daughter!!! Get ready to show us your wonderful church, school, and life in Korea. I know you know how to make a bed and make us laugh and cook gourmet meals!

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