Conversations in Kindergarten

At lunch time today.

“Ms. Welton I am going to marry K,” C says with a smile. “And St. is too.”

K looks at me with a boyish grin. Well, he IS boyish and has a baby face because he is still 5. So he is probably just doing his normal grin.

“K can only marry one person. K you know you only can choose one right?” I say as more and more girls hear what we are talking about at our end of the lunch table and exclaim they will marry K too.

K nods. Another grin.

“Well, I am going to marry D,” Si. tells me. “You know why? Because K won’t kiss me.”

“No one should be kissing.” The practical teacher in me explains.

“You’re right. I should marry K and we can kiss at the wedding!” Si sighs loudly.

I don’t have dramatic students. At. All.

One hour after lunch. “Ms. Welton! Si. kissed D ON THE LIPS.” (Guess she changed her mind about marrying K and waiting to kiss until her wedding.)


My girls just waiting for their prince… (Halloween 2013)


4 thoughts on “Conversations in Kindergarten

    • we did NOT April! I am positive these conversations didn’t happen when we were 5^^. but my mom told me last year that she had her first boyfriend in kindergarten. haha!

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