Cycle for Hope

Last month I had the chance to take Han Wool to the Ara Lock Fall Bike Festival: Cycle for Hope. A long name with a Korean typo. The name of the biking trials we went to is actually called Ara Rock, but in the Korean language there is only one sound for “r” and “l” and therefore the two letters get confused sometimes. Like this one time, my first year in Korea, when a stranger on the street asked me if I was “married” but I thought he said “Are you Melody?” Really with an accent married with an L instead of R sounds and awful lot like my name, I thought- how does this stranger know my name? This is besides the point.

The bike festival was created to raise money for two very important causes, orphans and sex trafficked victims. The two organizations are Oak Tree Project (affiliated with Jerusalem Ministry, which is how I tutor Han Wool), and Hope Be Restored.

The idea for the festival was discovered by the Korea Tour Organization, who ended up sponsoring the whole event, wanting to promote the biking trails that are near the Gimpo Airport. They sponsored the whole event. Almost 900 bikers turned up to support the causes.

There were three different options to choose from on the day of the festival, 16 k, 40 k, or 80 k. Han Wool, Hye Yun, their friend (I forgot her name!), a room mother from Namsanwon Children’s Home, and I chose to do the 40 k.

I had no idea how long 40 k actually is.

It was a beautiful day. We biked for three hours and then had a BBQ meal.

I slept really well that night.

DSC_7199 DSC_7204 DSC_7206 DSC_7226 DSC_7240 DSC_7242  DSC_7268     DSC_7274DSC_7246


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