LeCain’s Wedding

This is an overdue post. Okay so at this point, most of my posts are overdue. School is finally starting to calm down. Kind of.

One of my new co-workers got married the first weekend of this past October. I have no idea where the wedding was (I just got on the bus), but it was by far the most Western wedding I have been to here in Korea.

John and Eun-ha had an absolutely beautiful day appear for their wedding (it felt like early August instead of October!), with delicious food, and fun new co-workers. It was an overall lovely affair.

And of course. I snapped pictures. A lot.DSC_5410

Above- the bridesmaids gather- and just kidding… we all happened to own the same shade blue dresses. And we all happened to wear them. On the same day. I mean we would make a good looking bridal party! (just saying)DSC_5428

The bus driver refused to drive some narrowing country roads. So we walked. As you can see from the pictures, I didn’t really mind!DSC_5432    DSC_5443 DSC_5465 DSC_5481 DSC_5505     DSC_5497DSC_5522DSC_5543DSC_5551DSC_5573DSC_5599DSC_5606DSC_5655DSC_5750

Oh my, the sunset! I love getting out of the city every now and then and breathing in fresh air. I took a picture of the sunset every 10 seconds because it kept changing.

Congratulations John and Eun-ha. It was a beautiful wedding.


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