Lights on the Stream

Weeeelllllll… It’s too late to go now, because I go through seasons of being a terrible blogger (sorry Dad— because I know you are the only one who checks my blog every day^^), but I had to blog about the Lantern Festival at Cheonggyecheon Stream that I went to a couple of weeks ago with my fabulous real life friend and also better blogger than me friend, Hallie. That link is to a much more informative post that she wrote about our trip to see The Lanterns. I just like pictures. So here are mine. They are not in order, some up top and some down by the stream. But really go read Hallie’s post on our trip to find out more about what this Lantern Festival is all about!


DSC_7637DSC_7601 DSC_7592DSC_7622 DSC_7589 DSC_7582 DSC_7576 DSC_7565 DSC_7562 DSC_7558 DSC_7553DSC_7618


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