Koreanisms: Mirrors, Construction, and Face Masks

Reverse culture shock. I get that. When I visit America I find myself in a constant state of panic when I walk into stores, and restaurants, and elevators, and they are missing one key element. MIRRORS.

In Korea I never have to worry about going hours with food stuck in my teeth (which happens almost daily thanks to my fake tooth that isn’t aligned exactly with the other ones), or sporting a horrific bun up-do, or wonder if my outfit is as fantastic as I think it will be in the sunlight. These are all very serious situations. And Korea has me covered, because it is a nation covered in mirrors.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Above picture was taken when I walked into a popular store in Seoul called “Diaso”. Think of the Dollar Store/Dollar Tree back home, but not as dirty. And yes, those are mirrors lining the ceiling when you walk in (I am in the reflection^^).

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Oh, just some major construction happening on the sidewalk without warning. No signs, no cones, no man standing in a bright orange vest… Once, I almost walked into a ten foot hole in the sidewalk while some construction workers must have been on their lunch break, or gone for the day. There weren’t even any tools around! I literally had to wait for a break in the cars to walk around the hole in the street because it was too big to jump over.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I may have bought this face mask just so that I could blog about it. And wow, I am glad I started wearing eye cream, look at those wrinkles. My age may finally be starting to show. Anyway, not the point. A couple of weeks ago the pollution levels in Seoul, due to the yellow dust from China, made it toxic to be outside.  I had walked from my home to Gangnam (about 30 minutes) for a birthday brunch and my friend gently scolded me. “If you are outside for that long you should wear a face mask.”  Her words refused to leave my mind, so I walked into a store and… they were sold out. I had better luck at the second store, but I was slightly disappointed that they only had white ones. I wanted a fun color, or character, or design. I should do a photo-shoot with my kindies and some of their adorable face masks!

I still remember my confusion when I moved here over 4.5  years ago during the Swine Flu epidemic and almost every person walking the streets was wearing a face mask. Now, I finally join them.


3 thoughts on “Koreanisms: Mirrors, Construction, and Face Masks

  1. Wow, mirrors? How odd. I would have never thought that something like that would be more prevalent in one place over another.
    Be safe and keep sharing!

  2. I love your Koreanisms! I love that you think of all of them! It’s funny how I always thought whenever I saw someone wear a face mask it was because they were really sick, now, pollution will also come to mind! P.S. I spotted you in your first photo! Hehe!

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