Beauty: Up Close and Personal


My siblings and I draw names at Christmas time. So, instead of buying eight little gifts for all of our siblings, or eleven when you include the sis and bro-in-laws, you can focus on one nice gift. At first we tried to make this a “secret santa” type of thing, but after the first year when everyone knew who everyone had within the first 30 minutes after we drew names, we gave up on the secret santa thing.

I share this story because I love adding background information to everything I say. This Christmas, Seth, drew my name. I don’t remember if Seth has ever had my name in the past decade or so of doing this, so I didn’t know what to expect. When I went home for Christmas I was so excited for the whole family to be reunited for the first time in years. THEN, I found out Seth couldn’t fly in from the east coast until later in January and I wouldn’t see him at all. My first thought was of the family picture (haha, I mean… not seeing Seth) and how yet again, we wouldn’t all be in it. It wasn’t until much later that I remembered he drew my name, what about my present? (I know, it sounds selfish, but… I really like presents.)

Turns out Seth was way ahead of the game and had an Amazon package sent to my parents. It was wrapped up and under the tree way before Christmas morning. Awww, shucks. What a brother.

I haven’t even gotten to discussing the contents of said present, which is what this post is all about. It was one of the most thoughtful presents I have ever been given (that wasn’t handmade). Seth went crazy in the camera department of Amazon and found me a table tripod for my DSLR, a clicker to take pictures from far away, two types of Vivitar lenses to attach to my Nikon 55 mm lens, and filters galore. I mean, I was in camera accessory heaven and I may have almost cried.

I tried finding a converter so that I could use some of the filters on my Sigma 30 mm f/1.2 lens (which is the one I use most often) but once I got it, whatever it was I ordered wasn’t what I needed. I started messing around with some of the attachment lenses and realized that I could hold them up to my Nikon and they still worked, they just weren’t attached. The pictures in this post were taken by my Nikon d5100 with my Sigma lens as I held up this Vivitar 10x macro lens picture below.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I haven’t had a chance to just go out shooting in a long time. It was refreshing, it was fun.

  DSC_3800  DSC_3797 DSC_3796DSC_3799  DSC_3762  DSC_3756 DSC_3758  DSC_3792DSC_3755

Who is excited for Cherry Blossom Season? Me, me, me!



4 thoughts on “Beauty: Up Close and Personal

  1. Nice… I have some lenses that don’t exactly attach correctly either and I haven’t really figured out what to do with them… but I will eventually. Or just walk around holding it up like you did. ^^

  2. Amazing photos!!!!! The last one and the white dandelion are my favorite!!!!! You have grown so much as a photographer~! Remember our days of using our digital cameras? 🙂

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