The Parents Arrival

I had it all mapped out in my head. Finish work at 4, run home and change/grab book to read for the bus ride, get on airport bus at 4:31, get to the airport between 5:45 and 6, parents flight gets in at 6:25. Incheon is efficient and amazing and you are usually out of the customs line, with baggage in hand within 45 minutes to and hour. So. I figured if I arrived 30 minutes before my parents flight came in I would have about an hour and a half to find subway maps for them, buy them bottled water for when they got off the plane, taped together the fantastic sign I made, go to the bathroom, and chill. I like to be places early, you know me (points to self), I am very time-oriented.

I arrive at the airport at 5:42, three minutes earlier than my earliest time! I walk in and check out the list of arrival flights. I find my parents Delta number, and I do a double-take. Their flight arrived a FULL HOUR EARLY. I check the time again. Yep. 5:25 instead of 6:25. Which means they have already been on the ground for 30 minutes. Which means I have 15 minutes, or 30 minutes at the most. I STARTED TO FREAK OUT.

I run to their gate, afraid they already came through and I missed them. I double-check the huge board. Yep, still arrived one hour early. The most important thing for me is the sign, they must see the sign when they come out of the gate. So I lay it all on the ground and tape it together as fast as I can, while keeping one eye on the gate. People stare. Psshhh, they are obviously jealous.

I finish taping the sign, check the arrival board one more time, just in case. And then sit to wait.

I have no subway maps, I have no bottled water, and I have to pee. BUT, my sign is ready and my parents landed a full hour early! They weren’t looking forward to the length of the flight so God was already giving them favor for this trip.

My parents walk through the gate around 6:20, and I am there ready to receive them with my huge sign. There is laughter and smiles and hugs.

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5 thoughts on “The Parents Arrival

  1. Haha! Life is always an adventure, right!? I’m so happy they didn’t miss the sign, that would’ve been a bummer. Looking forward to hearing more about their trip to Seoul!

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