The Strawberry Festival (Finally!)

This isn’t the first time I have blogged my life out of order, and it won’t be the last. So I make no apologies. For an actual post on what a Strawberry Festival in Korea is please follow THIS LINK to my dear friend’s blog. She is an actual blogger who tells important details and gives solid information and such.

We all know I just do things for the pictures.

Also, strawberries are my favorite fruit of all time. Best festival ever? YES.

DSC_3937 DSC_3946    DSC_3955 DSC_3951DSC_3953DSC_3952DSC_3960 DSC_3968  DSC_3974 DSC_3973DSC_3976       DSC_4001 DSC_3981DSC_3987DSC_3991DSC_3992DSC_3993DSC_3997DSC_4002 DSC_4007 DSC_4019 DSC_4022 DSC_4024

Happy. I seriously love strawberries.



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