May: The Prayer Warrior’s Way by Cindy Trimm

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I bought this book in the month of May. I started reading this book in the month of May. Okay, I read the preface of the book. But I actually finished it last night. I will have a book for each month though, and I make the rules, so I am still calling this my book for May.

I have never heard of Cindy Trimm before reading this. I think we would be friends if we ever meet.

As I sit here and reflect on this book the part that sticks with me is when Trimm quotes Andrew Murray writing, “Jesus never taught His disciples how to preach, only how to pray.”

This book is good. Each chapter speaks on a section of the Lord’s Prayer and brought me fresh revelation on each part. I have heard the Lord’s Prayer many times.  I have heard it preached on and outlined and broken down for me. I like the revelations Trimm has about praying, and I will definitely read this book again. Not only that but I will read the Lord’s Prayer and get my own revelations about praying. Also… I will pray. More.

These are two of my favorite lines in the book. You will need to read it to understand the context, and they are more for my memory than for anything else. But you might like them…

“…Thus today we stand as heirs and promises beyond our wildest hopes and imaginings, but handicapped by being born into the constraints of this world with ears untrained to hear the pulse of heaven.”

“You will never hear the strategies of heaven for your nation until you know how to hear the plans and purposes of heave for your own life.”

As someone who has talked to God since I was five, I am still learning how to communicate with Him.



One thought on “May: The Prayer Warrior’s Way by Cindy Trimm

  1. I think God destined us to always be learning more about Him as time passes. That way, we continue being drawn into Him.

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