Blossom Vintage in Grand Rapids!

I was home for barely a week this past summer (as mentioned before). From a Tuesday to a Monday. As I was scrolling my instagram I noticed that my dear friend Jamie, was making a road trip stop with her vintage clothing shop (set up in an airstream) in Grand Rapids on the one and only weekend I happened to be in the country. Did I mention that she lives in California and that Grand Rapids is a 40 minute drive from my house. WHAT? I was so excited I posted something on this instagram picture as soon as I saw it:

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.27.49 PM

I texted her best friend (because I didn’t have Jamie’s number), told her the exciting news and she said, “You should surprise her!” I text back a quick, “Shoot, I already commented on the picture!” Deleting my comment right away, I hoped she didn’t see it. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting to visit Blossom Vintage in real life for the first time. I was beyond excited. I first met Jamie in Korea and have been following her dream of owning her own vintage clothing shop from the beginning of time (slash the past several years). To see her take a road trip around the States that she funded through kickstarter and THEN be able to visit in person. I just couldn’t believe it. God is so cool.

DSC_7509DSC_7513 DSC_7510 DSC_7517DSC_7516   DSC_7520  DSC_7518DSC_7508   DSC_7521DSC_7505

 I am incredibly proud of you Jamie! Keep doing what you love. Hugs Hugs Hugs!

Blossom Vintage’s Website

Blossom Vintage on Etsy

Blossom Vintage on Instagram

Blossom Vintage on Facebook


These boots are my favorite Blossom Vintage purchase, I snapped a photo while wearing them a few days ago. Can’t wait to buy a few things for myself for Christmas!


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