Chuseok in Singapore, 2014

For the past two years I kept telling Jee Young that I was coming to visit her in Singapore. I even bought a ticket last Lunar’s New Year, but it just didn’t work out (aka that ticket was way too expensive and I got it refunded later after I felt guilty about it). But this past Chuseok it was finally time.


20140909-DSC_8310 20140909-DSC_8319 20140909-DSC_831720140909-DSC_8325 20140909-DSC_8312

How many angles can you take of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel? A LOT.


And then there’s a building in the shape of a durian (above). Okaaaay. (Lucky for me I didn’t even have to smell one for my whole trip.

20140909-DSC_8331 20140910-DSC_8351 20140910-DSC_8362 20140910-DSC_8374

I really liked the bottom of this fountain (Above). So. I took a picture of it.

20140910-DSC_8378 20140910-DSC_8388

(Above) The day view. And the night view. Of the place who’s name I forget.

20140910-DSC_8383 20140911-DSC_8398The BEST DUMPLINGS I have ever had in my entire life (they are filled with soup). I would go back to Singapore just to eat these. But I hear there is a branch of the same restaurant in Seoul… so I can’t really use that excuse.20140911-DSC_8400


20140911-DSC_8405 20140911-DSC_840820140912-DSC_8454

The highlight of my trip by FAR was visiting Jee Young at her school. Seeing her teach again gave me inspiration. She also set it up for me to be able to observe other first grade classrooms. I gained some great resources and learned more about teaching. BEST VACATION EVER.

20140912-DSC_8459 20140912-DSC_8460

View from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

20140912-DSC_8469 20140912-DSC_8472 20140912-DSC_8475

On the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel enjoying the infinity pool. It was incredible. I mean, maybe this might have been the high light of my trip.

20140912-DSC_8478 20140912-DSC_8486 20140912-DSC_848920140912-DSC_8488

It’s just so pretty.

20140913-DSC_8498 20140913-DSC_8505

20140913-DSC_8533 20140913-DSC_8536 20140913-DSC_8540 20140913-DSC_8549 20140913-DSC_8545

And now… for the flowers!

20140909-DSC_8323 20140909-DSC_8336 20140913-DSC_8507 20140913-DSC_8515 20140913-DSC_8527 20140913-DSC_8519 20140913-DSC_855120140913-DSC_8523 20140913-DSC_8553 20140913-DSC_8555 20140913-DSC_856020140913-DSC_8562

I am so grateful for the friendship I have with this woman, who knows me so well. Thank you for an amazing time in Singapore. I cannot wait to come back.

I know it’s hard to believe with the amount of photos I posted on this blog. But I actually took the majority of photos on my iPhone. If you’re friends with me on facebook, the link is HERE.


3 thoughts on “Chuseok in Singapore, 2014

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your photos!Especially all the flower ones at the end! Love how you captured Singapore through your camera. And yes, please come back to visit soon. ❤ jee young

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