I Love My Job

Sitting down with parents and telling them that their child is struggling academically might be the most difficult part of my job. I want every student in my classroom to succeed, doesn’t every teacher feel that way?

Yesterday, I had such a meeting about such a student and it was hard. It was a little terrifying. And it was draining. But after the parents initial not so good reaction to the idea that their child might have a learning disability they became more open to exploring options in helping their child. I have never been more appreciate of my principal’s presence and wisdom than I was in that meeting. I left work last night with a whirring brain and a feeling that I just wasn’t doing enough.

This morning I walked into work and was immediately beckoned by the librarian. She gushed about my students and how I must be doing something right in my class because they were talking about this and saying this and doing this during her library lessons. It was all centered around what love looks like and how we show love to others (this is February and Valentines Day- my favorite holiday- is right around the corner after all!). I hadn’t even reached my classroom yet and I felt so edified I was beaming.

Before the first bell rang I was in the teacher’s workroom when my co-worker stopped me to tell me how her son (who is in my class) demanded to come to school as soon as he woke up. It was 6:30 in the morning and he said, “Is Ms. Welton at school yet?” His mom’s response was, “No.” Then again at 7 a.m… “Is Ms. Welton at school yet?” Knowing that I often get to school relatively early his mom replied, “Yes, she probably is at school.” He said,”Then we have to go right now!”

The school day went on and nothing out of the ordinary happened. I gave one student a nickname the day before and today all of my students were begging for nicknames, most of them ending with the long “e” sound. Tommy, Soty, Danny, Annie… One student asked me to call him “Monkey” and I said I would try, but because it was so different from his actual name I might forget. Then he changed his mind and turned his name into a form with an “e” on the end too.

The day ended in a flurry of students going to after school activities, getting picked up, or catching the bus. I am still at work, over 3 hours later typing up notes from my meeting yesterday, tweaking tomorrows lesson plans, and catching up on Facebook.

That’s when it hit me. Well, I was actually writing a post-it note on one of my student’s desks to remind him to do something in the morning… when it hit me.

I really love my job.

And that is such a blessing.


3 thoughts on “I Love My Job

  1. And I love you honey!! You are the best teacher for those students. God hand picked each one, orchestrated your moving to that school had you attend all those trainings, move away from all your family…just to be their teacher, just to reach out to two parents who love their child, just to be honest about his struggles, just so some day he will be a success and know what love looks like😊

    Thank you!!!💝 Mama K

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  2. There is nothing better than following the movement of God in your life and YOU are an amazing example of how to do that gracefully. I admire you, friend!

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