10 on 10- April

I decided to use this month’s 10 on 10 to show a glimpse of what a Tuesday night looks like by my apartment complex. On this day, every week, an outdoor market is set up. This is usually when I purchase my fruit and veggies for the week (that is when I leave work in time to make it before it closes!), but you can also buy clothes, jewelry, and many kinds of Korean food that I never eat (like the fish section, live octopus anyone?).

All of these pictures were taken on April 7, 2015 (a Tuesday, obviously).

DSC_3720 DSC_3725 DSC_3730 DSC_3734 DSC_3735 DSC_3736 DSC_3738 DSC_3742 DSC_3744

This next picture at the market I actually hovered over this lady and filmed while she flipped these octopus (yep) filled dough balls. Don’t worry, she gave me permission (because I actually asked!), and it was captivating.


I have decided to give you a BONUS shot this month (because I like to break the rules). Here is shot #11, because it’s that time of the year. Cherry blossoms!


Sneak a peek at my cousin’s 10 on 10 here.


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