Jason and Dyanne’s Engagement Shoot

I met Dyanne at the paper-cutter almost 5 years ago. It was the week before school started and we were getting our classrooms ready. She didn’t know it then, but I had a feeling we were going to be great friends (and then I made her be my friend, I am pretty prophetic). We worked at the same school for two years, we suffered and conquered grad school together, we grew in our faith together, and now I get to be alongside her as she marries Jason. It’s so fun!

Jason and I met at our mutual friend’s (heeeey Laura!) going away shindig. She introduced us by saying, “Hey Melody, you know Jason right?” Jason and I exchanged glances. “Uhhh, no. I don’t think so. We’ve never met.” Laura looks back and forth between the two of us. “Really? Oh. Well, Jason is the only other christian I know in Seoul so I assumed you two knew each other.” Jason and I laughed. “Not all christians know each other, Laura!” And then Jason and I immediately started chatting about our common ground, Jesus. I invited him out to my church and that was that.

Dyanne and Jason met at church. (That’s all I am saying…)

This past Saturday I had the honor of taking their engagement pictures. It was a beautiful Saturday in Seoul and the cherry blossoms were still fighting to survive. I was a bit nervous going to the actual Cherry Blossom Festival because I knew I would have to be very creative getting good shots of Jason and Dyanne without a million people in them. It worked out pretty well. Here are some of my favs.

DSC_4113DSC_3961 DSC_4017DSC_4063 DSC_4080 DSC_4075

Can’t wait to stand by your side at the wedding, Dyanne! Love you both. xx


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