10 on 10- September

In my defense it is still the 10th in the USA…

I went to Jakarta, Indonesia this past weekend for training. It wasn’t a vacation by any means, but on the last day after our final set of workshops we had a couple of hours before we needed to head to the airport. I grabbed my camera and did a 30 minute walk around the hotel with Anna (first picture), my good friend, and former colleague who now works at the same school we had our training at— so cool, right?!

I felt refreshed afterward this walk. My brain had been fried (in the best way) during my weekend of training in reading and writing through inquiry. After this photo walk I felt ready to take on a whole week of workshops. It’s important to let your creative side out.

Once your done here, hop on over to my cousin’s 10 on 10-— she blows me out of the water with her intimate photos. I feel like I have lived the week with her.





I snapped this next one so fast that it’s a little bit blurry. But it’s still my favorite shot…DSC_9282




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