a poem for family

I am procrastinating. My chai tea latte is drained, I bought a pair of shoes online, and now I am writing poetry.

I obviously do not want to finish these report card comments or input grades into my grade book.

I used to write poetry pretty often when I was young. Not sure where all of those poems went. Here is one I wrote for my family, because knowing I need to save money and not fly home this Christmas is already making me homesick.

The poem is titled: Thank You

for giving me the strength to leave
and the desire to stay
for loving me from afar
though you wish it wasn’t that way

for whispered words of courage
and silence so that I could find my own
for being proud of what I’ve accomplished
each seed is one you’ve sown

for unconditional love
even when I haven’t felt that to be true
for letting me go
even through the times I’ve only wanted you

for the sacrifices
for the love
for the prayers
for the good times (maybe… even some of the bad)

for being my mom
for being my dad

for being my sister
for being my brother

for family

I wouldn’t trade you for another. most days.


Not sure how often my family checks this blog, but when/if you do I LOVE YOU! And I MISS YOU! muah.


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