40 Years and Counting

This Picture:


After careful investigation (errrm— asking my dad where his wedding album was) I found a picture of my parents on their wedding day shoving cake into each other’s faces, I mean, mouths, at the ripe young ages of 19 (dad) and 18 (mom) on October 25th, 1975. That’s right. 40 years ago…


My sister, Amber and I, took the picture to a specialty bakery (Desserts by Lori) and after informing us they probably couldn’t find the swans— such a bummer ūüėČ — we gushed on about how we merely wanted a cake inspired by their wedding day one. With one layer of heart cake made out of chocolate¬†accompanied by peanut butter buttercream filling and the other layer boasting¬†french vanilla with raspberry¬†filling, we were pretty proud of our modern day anniversary cake. ¬†I wasn’t even that disappointed that we couldn’t find a lavender jacket to pay homage to the awesome groomsmen’s suits.

The months of planning. Every nickel and dime that was spent. The stress induced ulcers from giant lies, and I exaggerate only slightly… I believe my eight siblings will agree with me when I say that it was all worth it.

It was all worth it for this one shot.

My parents have done many things in their life. They have held multiple careers. They have built multiple homes. They have raised a multitude of children. They have stayed true to their faith through trials and hardships and put God first, but besides that- the greatest thing they have done is what I am honoring with this post. Their marriage. They love each other, back each other up, and continue to be best friends.

It is an honor to be able to call you Dad and Mom.

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!

DSC_8701 DSC_8704 DSC_8710 DSC_8711

Remember that awesome surprise party your children threw for you? SO MUCH LOVE. ‚̧


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