10 on 10- December

I am determined to publish my last 10 on 10 for 2015 on time this month! So I am writing this on the 9th and will set a timer (patting myself on the back).

Over the past three years my cousin over at Melissa Hines Photography has pushed me (in the best possible way) to be more creative and active with my photography. I am so grateful to her for that. In 2013 we did a 365 day photography project together and that really wore me out. But this project she suggested, posting 10 photos of the month on the 10th of the month, well —this one inspired me. I am definitely going to keep doing it in 2016.

My 10 photos for this month were taken on the same day on December 7th. It depicts a delicious potluck dinner I had with the New Philly Melbourne Church Plant Team. I cannot wait to do life with these beautiful humans (and the four that are already in Melbs, and our team member who is currently in Taiwan) in Australia starting next summer!

This first shot is where I travel from (Suwon) because I didn’t have 10 images from the potluck. But I love the view from this bridge.DSC_3918DSC_3966    DSC_3975     DSC_3969DSC_3970DSC_3980DSC_3983DSC_3976     DSC_3987DSC_3994

Had to include an image of me! #makingmemories


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