10 on 10- January

For the second year in a row I will be participating in a 10 on 10 photo project, where I will post 10 photos from the past month on the, you guessed it, 10th!

The beginning of 2016 starting off with a trip to visit my beautiful friends and former co-workers, the Gilhuises. We spent time in their home near Manila and took a three day trip to Puerto Galera. If you know me, you know my heart for the Philippines. I thought it was neat that I took a trip to Cavite and Mindoro Island during my first year living in Korea… and then went back during my last year living in Korea. This time is was purely vacation, and minus the jelly fish stings and sunburnt, it was a perfect trip. I plan on writing another blog post on some of the adventures that took place (including meeting a little girl with my name and a family shoving all of their children at me to get a photo, it was the best!).

Here are 10 photos from my tip (Jan. 2-7).


I wanted to throw in a 11th, solo shot, of me on Mindoro Island. I hope one day to live in this country and make an impact on their education system. It’s my dream to bring a solid education to all of the remote villages in this nation.



5 thoughts on “10 on 10- January

  1. Ooohhhh! I really love the white and black striped awning (?) shot! Fun perspective! And when I grow up, I want to travel like you! Love seeing all of your adventures!

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