Rabihah and Matthew- Suwon Fortress

Living in Korea since 2009 has caused me to forget where I have and have not been. I really thought I had been to the Suwon Fortress before. It wasn’t until arriving there last Saturday morning with my good friend (and colleague^^) Rabihah and her boyfriend Matthew that I realized, nope, never been there.

Matthew flew in from the States to visit Rabihah and since there long distance relationship doesn’t allow for much of the day to day selfies, my girl decided to surprise her man with a photo shoot at Suwon Fortress. Here are some of my favorite shots from the morning’s shoot.


Thanks for being such good sports while I bossed you around Rabihah and Matthew 🙂

Wish I would have thought to snap a picture of myself in front of the fortress. I would say next time, but the clock is ticking to how much longer I have until I say goodbye to Korea for goooooood…


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