This is Me.

You are so tiny!

Your hands are so small.

Your feet are so small.

Are you half Asian?

Is your real middle name Joy?

You are so tiny!

As someone who is currently living on my fourth continent, every time my community changes I am bombarded with very similar phrases and questions. Things I tend to forget about myself, or not think about, until someone is pointing it out to me. My brother, Travis, would often joke about me getting smaller when I would come home from Korea on vacation.

Two members of my church plant team told me they thought I would be taller the first time they met me. Apparently, I look tall in my pictures…or I always take pictures with short friends? I think it’s my ginormous personality shining through in photos.

I don’t mind it. I love the way God made me and I like having conversation starters, because I love meeting new people and talking to them. A lot.

This is me. 5 feet 1 (and a half) inches tall, size 5 shoe, size 3.5 ring finger (maybe, I always forget that one, size 4?), non-Asian, 4th daughter of 9, and yes— my middle name is Joy!


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