There are No Small Acts of Kindness.

Two weeks before leaving Korea I met a girl named Mali from South Africa (of course when I first met her I thought her name was “Molly” because I from Michigan, oh how I love different cultures). She approached me after Sunday service at our church location in Itaewon (Seoul). I was surprised that she wanted to talk to me because I was intending to seek her out. I saw Mali at the beginning of church and she was so happy and excited to be there, I thought, “I must meet her.”

Mali attends our church campus down in Busan. It turns out that she wanted to meet me because before she moved to Busan, Korea she learned about New Philadelphia Church through this very blog. Mine. THIS ONE! I am sorry. I need everyone to think that is as cool as I do, because it is so cool… right? Thank you for introducing yourself to me Mali, it was the highlight of my year (or… at least one of the highlights).

Fast forward a few weeks to another completely unrelated meeting, but one that equally blessed me (aka made me so happy). I was in Holland, visiting one of the many campuses of The Point Church,the church I went to growing up in Michigan, when someone came up to me and said, “Hi! I heard I needed to meet you. I am Kristen.” It turns out Kristen studied abroad in Australia and I heard I was moving there. She was sharing her love for the country when her eyes lit up and she said, “Wait a minute!” Reaching for her purse she pulled out a MyKi public transportation card that she had kept in her wallet for a year from when she visited Australia last. She said there might still even be money on it (there was! 4 dollars!) and it saved me the 6 bucks it cost to buy it.

What a beautiful gesture. I felt God’s love through that card in a way I can never describe with words. Not only did I not need to worry about one more thing when I got to this country, but the fact that Kristen was so excited to give it to me. Thank you, Kristen.

From Mali telling me that she read my blog and to keep writing to Kristen giving me her public transportation card, there are no small acts of kindness— they are all big to me.



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