10 on 10- April

The closer June comes, the more I start to think about all the places I went to but didn’t snap enough pictures (I know right, me? Not take pictures? It happens…). This months 10 on 10 is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, half of the pictures other people took for me, so my face is actually in this monthly post much more than usual.

For starters, my friend Allison made deep fried deviled eggs. They had to be photographed.


Can someone say delicious? Okay, I will. DELICIOUS! After eating that yumminess I also celebrated my girl, Michelle’s, 30th BIRTHDAY! She blogs over at Gold Dust & Glitter, check her out.


I finally got the change to go to Yangjae Flower Market (at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday— not for the faint of heart my friend). After that I checked out cherry blossoms (and did a photo shoot that you will hear ALL ABOUT later) and went to a palace. This all happened yesterday on April 9th, so these pictures just make the cut (phew).


Super proud of myself for remembering to post these on the 10th. Anyone want to give me a pat on the back? Fine. I will do it myself.


10 on 10- March

Take a trip back to the beginning of the month with me. I looked at the calendar, panicked. Is it the 10th yet? No, it’s only the 3rd. Phew. A few more days pass by… wait! Did I miss the 10th? No, it’s the 7th. And then before you know it, it’s the 13th. Oops.

So there you have it. I didn’t mean to miss posting 10 photos on the 10th. It just happened. Life happens sometimes, you know. Presenting at a conference happens (KORCOS), and the weekend happens, and math week happens.

The first 7 pictures are from my iPhone. I had the honor of helping my girl Judy celebrate her graduation from university. She had amazing ideas for treats and decor.

(I had eaten part of the cookie diploma before I got a picture… my bad.)

The next three show a little glimpse inside of my classroom this past month. I love my job.


I couldn’t complete a 10 on 10 post that I am posting on the 15th without giving a shout out to my one and only big sis. Happy Birthday, Amie! I love you to the moon and back.

10 on 10- February

I have another blog post in drafts. That happens a lot. It’s about my trip to the Philippines and I plan to finish it. But it’s the 10th! And we know what that means. The 10 pictures I am posting this month were taken on a random Saturday (two weeks ago?). My weekends tend to be a bit full because I have so many loves to hang out with and things to do. This particular Saturday started with a shopping trip to Costco alongside my roommies. After which I headed to Seoul to have lunch and tea with the lovely Tinè, and finished the day spending the evening with the Bongiovannis (who hosted!), Egbert and Diana. We ate chili and brownies and I watched my first episode of Fixer Upper. Riveting details, I know. That’s why there are pictures!


(not my salad…)


matchy match!


I really need to get a new lens, this ones getting finicky and I am sad that the pic of the Bongos is blurry 😦


And that’s how all brownies should be eaten.

Make sure to check out my cousin’s 10 on 10, and April’s (love that you are doing this too). In fact, everyone should do a 10 on 10!

10 on 10- January

For the second year in a row I will be participating in a 10 on 10 photo project, where I will post 10 photos from the past month on the, you guessed it, 10th!

The beginning of 2016 starting off with a trip to visit my beautiful friends and former co-workers, the Gilhuises. We spent time in their home near Manila and took a three day trip to Puerto Galera. If you know me, you know my heart for the Philippines. I thought it was neat that I took a trip to Cavite and Mindoro Island during my first year living in Korea… and then went back during my last year living in Korea. This time is was purely vacation, and minus the jelly fish stings and sunburnt, it was a perfect trip. I plan on writing another blog post on some of the adventures that took place (including meeting a little girl with my name and a family shoving all of their children at me to get a photo, it was the best!).

Here are 10 photos from my tip (Jan. 2-7).


I wanted to throw in a 11th, solo shot, of me on Mindoro Island. I hope one day to live in this country and make an impact on their education system. It’s my dream to bring a solid education to all of the remote villages in this nation.


10 on 10- December

I am determined to publish my last 10 on 10 for 2015 on time this month! So I am writing this on the 9th and will set a timer (patting myself on the back).

Over the past three years my cousin over at Melissa Hines Photography has pushed me (in the best possible way) to be more creative and active with my photography. I am so grateful to her for that. In 2013 we did a 365 day photography project together and that really wore me out. But this project she suggested, posting 10 photos of the month on the 10th of the month, well —this one inspired me. I am definitely going to keep doing it in 2016.

My 10 photos for this month were taken on the same day on December 7th. It depicts a delicious potluck dinner I had with the New Philly Melbourne Church Plant Team. I cannot wait to do life with these beautiful humans (and the four that are already in Melbs, and our team member who is currently in Taiwan) in Australia starting next summer!

This first shot is where I travel from (Suwon) because I didn’t have 10 images from the potluck. But I love the view from this bridge.DSC_3918DSC_3966    DSC_3975     DSC_3969DSC_3970DSC_3980DSC_3983DSC_3976     DSC_3987DSC_3994

Had to include an image of me! #makingmemories

10 on 10- November (very laaaate)

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes. It is Thanksgiving. No it’s not the 10th. I was on a media fast during the beginning of this month, and soooo I thought I would wait until another special occasion this month to post photos. Do I have great photos to post? Meh. I grabbed some from my phone and my photo library. It’s been a busy month!  But these are a few that I adore and in other news, I just learned that you can make this cool mosaic thing:

Right? That black and white photo is the bug necklace I wore for six weeks straight at work because, bugs! Make sure you check out my cousin’s 10 on 10 as well. She is always more on top of things than me…

10 on 10- October

It’s OCTOBER? When did that happen? This past week the first grade went on a field trip to the Bug Museum! Also known as BugWoods, but with the Korean translation who knows what it is really called. We are two weeks into our unit of studying mini beasts (which is any type of animal without a backbone, did you know that? from ants to starfish and spiders to octopus— those are mini beasts!). Naturally, this is my students’ favorite unit. Ewww.

But even though it’s yuck, I do love teaching it. And this is my favorite field trip of the year. I was inspired by my cousin’s new project “Cities in Color” (check them out on instagram) when taking most of these shots. Can you guess what Octobers color is?

DSC_1840 DSC_1816 DSC_1839 DSC_1803 DSC_1769 DSC_1780 DSC_1759 DSC_1640  DSC_1631DSC_1573

When you are done here make sure to check out even better photography over at my cousin’s 10 on 10.