The Village has Visitors

I am not blogging my summer in order whatsoever. Like, I mean, at all.


In July my dear friend Jee Young flew from New York to Chicago, met up with another fabulous friend, Jane, and together they drove… to my village.

Arriving around 11:30 at night, the first thing Jee Young says, “It’s so dark here!”

I forgot, the country is dark. There are no streetlights, building lights, and very few car lights… it’s dark. Really dark.

The second thing Jee Young says, “We stood outside looking up at all the stars, there are so many stars!”

It reminded me of the time when I told my 2nd graders in Seoul that I missed seeing stars. They tried arguing with me that you can see a lot of stars in the city. I told them “No, you can’t.” Then one boy said, “Yes, you can! Once, I saw SEVEN.”

Jane and Jee Young had the privilege of getting a full tour (a whopping three hours long, and that included lunch) of the village of Middleville, which even included the log house my dad built and the family lived in for the first ten years of my life. ¬†We ate lunch at the one real restaurant that wasn’t also a bar, and visited my old high school —where I got a library card at the public library— in which I got lost in because there has been so much renovation I didn’t even feel like it was the school I attended.

Oh yes, and we also took a field trip to my sister’s farm, where they saw tractors in real life and cows, very SMELLY cows.

Aaaaahhhh the country.

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Having people you meet on the other side of the world visit your home town is really special. I am so grateful to Jane and Jee Young for making the effort to visit me this summer.

Until my next totally out-of-order post about my summer…