One should never aim to fall, especially into the street.

And when I say I fell, I mean I fell… HARD. A total wipe out.

I was half walking/half jogging— basically I was keeping a brisk pace, as one says, when I turned the corner and saw a glimpse of a blue bus. As soon as I picked up my speed to catch said blue bus I tripped (I want to say there was a huge rock that suddenly appeared, or a dog that ran under my feet— but I try not to lie) over the un-even sidewalk that makes up the majority of this lovely city (truth), and literally FLEW face first/palms first/hips first/ legs first/every part of my body first into the street. I should go see if there are CCTVs for that intersection, as I am sure it was quite the picture.

As I am falling/flailing, and scraping the majority of my body, I hear an adjuma on the sidewalk, “Aigoo! Aigoo! Aigoo!” (which roughly translated means, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”). As I try to move my broken body I turn to gasp out a quick, “I am OK.” (though I was totally NOT OK), but when I managed to pick myself up from the road (and now that I am thinking about it, thank goodness I didn’t get hit by a car) the seemingly concerned adjuma is gone. Hmmm… No time to think about the adjuma, even as my entire body is aching and crying out my first thought is, “MY CAMERA, MY CAMERA, MY CAMERA!” Praise the Lord it was OK, my body must have cushioned its fall.

I look up to see the bus go by, and it isn’t even the bus I needed to take.

I wait for the right bus, thinking that my entire left shin is bleeding. I am literally staring at my leg waiting for the stain to appear on my jeans, and when it doesn’t I start assessing the rest of the damage. Two badly scraped palms, two bleeding knuckles, and my right hip showing a nasty mark with many popped blood vessels beneath the service of my skin. None of it came close to the pain I felt in my leg though.

And for good reason. I shall leave you with the bruises. When I showed my leg to my students on Monday, the only thing they had to say was, “Ms. Welton, what is a bruise?” Well, at least my fall turned into a “teachable moment”.


Day Three                                                           Day Five

Did I mention that I was still five minutes early to meet my friends that night? I need to become more event oriented for my own safety.