you know you are a blogger when…

you know you are a blogger when…

  • the first thing you do when you sit down in a tiny coffee shop (or open up your computer at your desk) is start composing a blog post in your head
  • while you take pictures of your life you start thinking of a blog post to write about around them (that is, the pictures)
  • you think of a blog post and realize you want pictures to go with it so you stage them
  • you think “I could blog about that!”… and then you do
  • you compile a list of blog post titles for fun
  • people/your friends send you things to blog about
  • you keep track of how many times you blog a week and become really sad when it is less than two
  • you freak out when you see “so and so has commented” or “so and so has liked” your post (I have been blogging for years, and yes I still get excited!)
  • you check your stats regularly (I KNOW I am not the only one)
  • you love reading other people’s blogs
  • you create lists and then write a blog post just of that list (ahem…)


The slice of life challenge is hosted every Tuesday by Two Writing Teachers.